About Jan Martin Bang

Jan Martin Bang was born in Oslo and grew up in England where he was educated. He took his Bachelor degree in Archaeology, Philosophy and Geography in 1973 (BA, Nottingham University), Teacher’s Training in 1974 (Post Graduate Certificate of Education, Nottingham University), and Agricultural Education in 1980 (Certificate of Agriculture, Lincolnshire College of Agriculture). He was active in the English Co-operative Movement and the Trade Union for agricultural workers in the 1970s. He moved to Israel in 1984 and was a kibbutz member for 16 years. Since 1993, he worked on environmental projects within the kibbutz movement. He represented the Global Ecovillage Network in Israel, helped to build up the Israeli Permaculture movement, and taught the first Permaculture Design Course in Hebrew. As part of this work he had the opportunity to travel extensively in the Middle East, visiting projects and teaching in Egypt, Turkey, Cyprus and the Palestinian Area.


In 2000 he moved to Norway and was a co-worker at Solborg Camphill Village outside Hønefoss in Norway for several years. He was formerly secretary of the Norwegian Permaculture Association and has been active in the ecovillages movement in Norway. He edited Landsbyliv (Village Life), the quarterly journal for anthroposophic care in Norway, for 11 years. He is chair of the Norwegian Ecovillage Association and sits on the board of the Norwegian Permaculture Association.


He got his Permaculture Diploma from the Nordic Permaculture Institute in 2006 for his work in education and community development. In 2010 he was elected as Chairman of the International Communal Studies Association, a worldwide organization of academics and activists who study and live in ecovillages, communes, and other types of community. In 2014 he was appointed a "Fellow of the Findhorn Foundation".