Jan Martin Bang

Jan Martin Bang was born in Oslo and grew up in England where he studied archeology, geography, philosophy, education and agriculture. He moved to Israel in 1984 and was a kibbutz member for 16 years. Since 1993, he worked on environmental projects in the kibbutz movement. He represented the “Global Ecovillage Network" in Israel.


In 2000 he moved to Norway and was a co-worker at Solborg Camphill Village outside Hønefoss in Norway for several years. He co-founded and edited LandsByLiv (Village Life), the journal for anthroposophic care in Norway, for 11 years. He teaches Permaculture and is active in the Permaculture and ecovillage movements. He has published 7 books on community and ecology. 

Jan has published two books in 2015;
 - Permaculture - A Spiritual Approach (Written with Craig Gibsone)
 - Permaculture - A Student's Guide to the Theory and Practice of Ecovillage Design.
These can be ordered HERE