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Permaculture -

A student’s guide to the theory and practice of Ecovillage Design

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Jan Martin Bang inviterer til:

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Permaculture design has been the bedrock of the growth of the worldwide network of Ecovillages since the mid 1990s. A well-developed set of educational programmes has evolved too. This book takes as its basis the well-known Permaculture Design Course.

This invaluable source book brings together everything students on such courses need to know about Ecovillage design. Starting with a historical survey of the tradition of intentional community, the book covers topics ranging from the size of community, gardening and farming, building and technology, to economics, and tools for helping communities to grow and develop.

Additionally, the guide features a number of richly observed Ecovillage case-studies with photographs, alongside lots of tips for facilitators and self-study groups.

This comprehensive book will also be of interest to those wishing to contribute to the founding and building of Ecovillage communities for a sustainable future.