Permakulturelt Bokslipp

Permakulturelt bokslipp

Tid: 2. september 2015 17:00 –

Sted: Norsk Taiji Senter, Kirkegata 1-3, Oslo

Permaculture – A Spiritual Approach

Jan Martin Bang and Craig Gibsone invites to:

Lecture, questions, booksales and booksigning

2nd of September, 17:00 at Norsk Taiji Senter, Kirkegata 1-3, Oslo

From its beginning Permaculture has defined an Ethic of People Care, Earth Care and Fair Share. This implies that Permaculture has a dimension beyond the merely material, measurable or technical. The new scientific paradigm, opened up by cuttingedge research in quantum physics, indicates that the universe is not only material but includes other dimensions that we may call spiritual. In order for Permaculture to be truly holistic and truly speak to all people and to all cultures, we need to recognise this dimension. To imply that this spiritual dimension does not exist would be to deny ourselves perhaps the most meaningful exchange between us. We truly believe that Permaculture has to address this in a positive way.

This book is a contribution to this widening of Permaculture.

Craig Gibsone is from Australia and has lived at the Findhorn Foundation for over40 years. He was involved in establishing the Global Ecovillage Network in 1995 and has developed several courses in both Permaculture and Ecovillage Living. He teaches the annual four-week ”Applied Ecovillage Living” course at Findhorn.

Jan Martin Bang is Norwegian, has lived in England and Israel, and in incomesharing communities for 25 years. He is a Permaculture Designer and has written 7 books on community and ecology. He lives in Norway and is active in both the Norwegian Permaculture Association and the Norwegian Ecovillage Association.